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Frostfire Moonwrap Kids Small Short Sleeve Waterproof Changing Robe

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The Moonwrap Kids is the perfect buddy for keeping warm and getting changed outdoors.

The waterproof outer shell keeps the wind and rain away while the fleece lining keeps you warm.

Made from durable, high quality materials that are easy to wash and wipe clean.

Features a large internal pocket with zip to keep your valuables safe and dry whilst you change.

The fleece-lined hood will keep your warm and can also be used to dry your hair.

2 Extra large fleece-lined external pockets to keep your hands warm & zippable to secure items whilst changing.

Suitable for all outdoor and watersport activities.

  • Three quarter length sleeve unisex changing robe.
  • Perfect for boys and girls.
  • 100% waterproof outer shell with warm fleece lining.
  • Versatile pockets, easy two way zips.
  • Outer Lining: 100 percent Nylon.
  • Inner Fabric: 30 percent Acrylic – 70 percent Polyester.

Size: To fit: 3'5" - 5'5"

Age: 9 -15 year olds

Wash in cool water only.

Do not dry clean, tumble dry, iron or use fabric conditioner. 

Manufacturer: Frostfire

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