Zero Electrolyte Sports Drink

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ZERO is the new SUGAR FREE electrolyte drink from High5; it’s virtually calorie free (less than 1 Cal per 500ml) and has a light refreshing taste.

ZERO is naturally free from preservatives, allergens, artificial colours and flavours and includes vitamin C.

Researchers have also found that simply drinking ZERO instead of a normal carbohydrate sport drink, 22 participants burned on average 41% more fat during exercise.

Put one tablet into your sports bottle and watch it dissolve. The 20 tablet tube makes up to 15 litres of drink.

Price = 1 x 38g tube. 20 Tablets in 1 Tube.

Available in Citrus, Cherry-Orange & Pink Grapefruit Flavour. 

Manufacturer: HighFive Energy

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